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Comparing Retaining Wall Estimates

Unfortunately, sorting the bad from the good retaining wall companies can be time-consuming and quite challenging. The estimate is a good first impression. Estimates should be received three to five business days from the appointment date. Avoid retaining wall companies that send overly simplified email or text estimates. Estimates should arrive on a clean document with the company’s letterhead and the date. They should be professional and include a clear and concise step by step scope of work complete with payment terms along with any exclusions or exceptions. They should clearly outline their charges for engineering plans and other paperwork such as site plans to obtain any required building permits.

When comparing estimates, read each line item carefully, not just the bottom line! Be certain you are comparing apples to apples by requesting a diagram or building plan that shows each step of the building process. Because many city and county permit offices are tightening the regulations on out-of-state engineers, verify the engineer who will design the building plan for your retaining wall is local and licensed in your state.