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My Outdoor Living is Killing Me

Only exasperation with our predicament and heartbreak with our decisions remain from a three-hundred-forty-two thousand dollar investment made less than one year ago on a Georgia “outdoor living” swimming pool paradise. A ten-foot-tall retaining wall was built to grade a flat surface and support an in-ground swimming pool and paver patio.

my outdoor living is sinking
"We should be lounging away the stress of work and life with the outdoor living swimming pool paradise. Instead, we are nervously watching our investment and property value literally slide down the hillside."
retaining wall failure

Several months ago, we called a local pool company with what appeared to be a stellar online reputation. The sales representative pitched a fantastic swimming pool surrounded by an upgraded paver patio with water features and exotic plants. It was more than we wanted to spend but, the compelling pitch justified the investment’s size because we “deserved” this Georgia outdoor living paradise. The excitement of any major purchase disables common sense; and, we fell for the pitch.

Within a few months, the outdoor living paradise investment literally collapsed. First, the builders stopped returning calls. Next, the city claimed the paperwork on the project was denied before work began. Today, the city posted notice the leaning retaining wall is a safety hazard that requires immediate safety fencing. That notice motivated me to go online and research my circumstances.

leaning retaining wall

Call me naïve, but as a tax-paying homeowner living within an established city with some of the highest municipal taxes of any Georgia city, it never occurred to me this was a possibility. But worse than that was realizing how many 5-star business ratings are phony. Further investigation reveals how prevalent purchasing fake reputations and even fake stamps for fake permits without any consequence from the city has become. Be aware, while the city accepts tax revenue, it accepts no responsibility.

spa patio sinking retaining wall failure

Apparently, paying forty-two-thousand dollars a year in property tax in no way ensures any protection or assistance from the city to homeowners. It is the busy tax-paying homeowner who must verify the authenticity of business licenses, articles of incorporation, certificates of insurance, building permits, even the stamps on the permits as well as everything else.

retaining wall collapse

Had we only found this site sooner, this whole mess could have been avoided. It is important that your visitors know to hire strictly a bona-fide retaining wall company when it comes to outdoor living projects that rely on the support and structure of retaining walls.