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Retaining Wall Companies is the official resource for companies involved in the planning, design, materials, regulations in reference to the construction of retaining walls.

Click on the map below to locate your local city and/or county regulations on retaining wall construction. The location and height of the retaining wall you plan to construct will determine the type of professionals required.

Be sure to review the most popular types of retaining walls as well as the relevant construction steps so that you may ask relevant questions when interviewing local companies.

We have also included listings for most reputable retaining wall contractors, engineers and landscape architects to help complete your project.

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Find professional builders, landscape architects and engineers who are involved in the design and planning of earth retaining wall systems. We also include the manufacturers of segmental block used to build retaining walls; as well as local distributers of retaining wall blocks, timber, stone and other materials.

Add Functional Space to Your Property

The purpose of a retaining wall is a flat, even space that can be used for a driveway extension, patio, play area for children, outdoor swimming pool or other hardscape features.

Stop Soil Erosion

An engineered retaining wall with an effective drainage system is a perfect solution for both residential and commercial property owners experiencing mild to severe soil erosion.

Engineered Walls

A structural engineering plan is needed for any wall over four feet in height. The plan should be filed at your designated courthouse or city hall. Once approved, your licensed retaining wall contractor will obtain and post the permit to begin constructing the wall.

More sophisticated projects are designed by a landscape architect working with a structural and/or civil engineer and a retaining wall contractor. Find local professionals by clicking your state above.

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What is a Retaining Wall Contractor?

A retaining wall contractor specializes in the planning and construction of industrial, commercial or residential retaining walls. Retaining wall contractors employ locally licensed structural engineers approved by the appropriate municipality to plan, conduct site inspections and certify the retaining wall. Following all relevant best standards and practices, retaining wall contractors build retaining walls and the structures connected to, or dependent upon them.

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When constructed upon a slope, swimming pools, for instance, often require a retaining wall for support. To ensure the load weight and bearing capacities of the support wall are within the limits to support the swimming pool above it, a retaining wall contractor should be involved in and be responsible for the entire project dependent upon the retaining wall support structure. A swimming pool contractor does not have the necessary retaining wall specifications training and geotechnical experience required to build a retaining wall guaranteed to support the swimming pool load and bearing built into the sloped earth. In this example, the retaining wall contractor and his structural engineer will work together under the close supervision of a city or county inspector.

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Be aware that many contractors have access to engineers and can purchase the plans required to apply and receive approval for building permits. However, absent the required engineering site visits and city or county inspection approval stamps, the permit will not be officially closed, nor will the structure be certified by the engineer. In such cases, there is no legal recourse for the property owner should the swimming pool begin to shift, crack, leak or slide down the hill.

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